Friday, July 11, 2014

The Most Famous Site in Italy

Italy is a tremendous country for history buffs.  Most everything there has historic significance, since the city was founded around 750 BC.  Of course many significant sites were destroyed in the famous fire, much more was "re-cycled" into newer structures.

Florence is one of the most famous cities in Italy, with many wonderful sights that will be shared in future posts.  Florence has the statue of David in the Academia Museum, plus one of the most beautiful buildings in the world in Il Duomo.

But, the most famous site in Italy is this one:

Recognize it?

Of course you do, it's the most famous site in all of Italy!!

This is the Michelangelo Piazza in Firenze (Florence). Now you know?

It is... 

The site of Kim Khardashian and Kanye West's wedding!!    Geez, please try to stay current.

To be honest, we didn't know this until after we had left the city.  Bummer.  Brenda and I doubtlessly would have done something to try to capture the magic of Kimye's moment.  We would have renewed our vows or something at least.

Yes, Kimye represents every couple's dream.  They are in love, committed deeply to each other.

I give them one year.  But I hope I am wrong.

Kimye are looking for significance in all the wrong places.  I don't think I need to elaborate.

Significance is not in who you are... but who you know!  No kidding!

Until a person has a deep, growing relationship with the G^d of the Universe, everything else, includiung "true love or tu blave", is but a pale substitute.

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