Monday, July 21, 2014

Why Growing Old Isn't so Bad

For most Americans, youth is where it's at.  We idolize the young.  We try to look youthful.  I understand all that, but consider that being "elderly" has some benefits too.  Consider these:

1) As an old-timer, I am MUCH less concerned about what others think of me.  You think I "am a religious nut", Doesn't faze me.  You think I am a "trouble maker", okay, maybe you're right.  Hey, I am just happy that you are thinking about me, even if it's negative.

2) I worry MUCH less about my long-term health.  I figure I have only another 20-25 years anyway, so why worry?

3) Our kids are out on their own, doing very well for their families.  So, no more:
  • braces
  • babysitters
  • health insurance
  • tuition
  • school books
  • gas
  • autos
  • auto insurance.
 4) More stories to tell.  After 64 years, I have LOTS of stories.  Almost any topic can elicit a story.  Not saying these stories are interesting, just saying they exist.

5) Made most of the mistakes already.  Not saying we have learned to avoid mistakes, just saying that we have experienced most of them, and OUGHT to know better.

6) Worse memory.  The good news is that we can tell the stories in #4 over and over, and enjoy them just as much on the 40th telling (not so much for the audience though).

So take heart.  If you live long enough, you too can enjoy... being old.

31 The hoary head is a crown of glory; It shall be found in the way of righteousness.  Prov 16:31

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