Monday, July 7, 2014

Hobbling Across Italy on One Foot…reprise

My trips recently have been plagued with illness.  In Africa, our first trip up north to Vic Falls and the great Chobe Park was delayed by a severe kidney stone.  Our third trip up that way was preceded by only one day by a severe attach of gout.

So, I was thrilled to launch on this 3-week trip, healthy, fit and feeling great.  I made it through the CRU Summer Project briefing in Dallas just fine.  So far, so good.

I made the trip over and landed in Rome and felt just fine.  Our first morning in Italy for this trip, we had a great visit ahead.  One of the descendents of Rome, a family who dated themselves among the founders of the city, had volunteered to give us a private guided tour of the Colosseo (Coliseum- and NO not Coleman Coliseum).  He was delayed, so we killed time with a visit to a near by three-layer church whose lowest parts dated to the first century.

We were waling along on the uneven cobblestones that are common.  To our left was the Indoor Practice Facility used by the gladiators for training (dating a few years before they became popular for football).  As I took in the sights, I failed to see the pothole, and rolled my left ankle inwards.

I mentioned this earlier in the blog on T.R.I.C.E., but it was long enough and painful enough to mention again.

Ouch that hurt MORE than usual.  In severe cases i would have Rested/Iced/Compressed/and Elevated my injury, but this was ROME, baby.  No rest, no ice, no compression for me... just miles of walking to see the sights.

My ankle swelled and on about the third day I had a gout attack.  I didn't notice the gout at first because the swelling was pronounced as was the pain.  Remember this picture?
Pretty bad eh?  That's about as bad as it got.  But for the next few days, besides traipsing around Rome, we went to Pisa, to Cinque Terra, and to Florence.

When we finally got to Bologna, my good friend Jesse offered me the use of some crutches, which I happily accepted.  At last my ankle got some relief.  The swelling quickly receded, and the ankle felt better.

We returned to Rome and left the cruthces behind.  Perhaps not the best idea I have had, but that's what I did.

The price i pay, still is that after almost 3 weeks I still have some swelling and pain.

Dumb, you think (yes).  Yes.  But sadly I do dumber things all the time.  I fail at many things, I mess up many things, and I use bad judgement on issues other than health.

And, my friends, that is why I STILL need a SAVIOUR.   Thanks be to G^d!

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