Thursday, July 3, 2014

I was Robbed (almost)

Mark, A Cru summer project team member, and I were chatting as we walked down the sidewalk headed for the closest gelato stand.  Brenda had met with each of the women team members, and I had met with the men, in order to chat about their experiences on the project, their lives, and their aspirations.  This was just that chat, and we were intent in conversation.

Italy has more than its share of beggars, so seeing the lady coming towards us mumbling with her left hand covered in a small blanket wasn't particularly noteworthy.  I moved to the side to avoid a collision, but she moved with me.  Odd.

The she grabbed my pectoralis and twisted HARD!   Odd.

What's happening? This had never happened in my 64 years.   Odd.

Mark stepped up and somewhat rudely I thought grabbed the lady's covered hand and... pulled it out of my pocket.  She was a pickpocket and the pinch was her way of distracting me from her pulling my wallet.

Mark saved my wallet by his mindfulness and quick action.

Mark was paying attention; I was distracted.

Such is life.  I am so often distracted by so many things...

So distracted that I fail to see Satan waylaying me much more seriously than a few dollars in a wallet.

How about you?

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