Thursday, July 31, 2014

That OTHER Problem

In my view, the toughest challenge an atheist can raise against Christianity is the "problem of pain".  To refresh your recollection, the problem of pain is, "Why would a good, loving G^d, a G^d willing to die on the cross for all of mankind, be so cruel to let a 6 year old little girl die of cancer?"  In more general terms, the problem is, why would a good G^d create pain and suffering?

Lots of philosophers have tried to resolve the problem of pain, but no one has really nailed it.  In my view, C.S. Lewis' worst book was his book on this very topic.  In the end, the best I can say is, we are limited in our human understanding and we should NOT be surprised there are aspects of G^d that we mere mortals cannot explain.  His thoughts are higher than our thoughts, His foolishness greater than our best wisdom.

Not very satisfying eh?

But think about the second problem that our atheist friends must answer, and that is the Problem of Pleasure.  In an atheistic world, how do atheists explain the problem of pleasure, the problem of why there is good things, love, acts of kindness, joy, pleasure in this world.  Why do people do selfless things? Why does someone jump on top of a grenade sacrificing himself for the sake of his buddies?  Why do people give up their own comfort to serve those less fortunate?  Why are fireworks and flowers, sunsets and snowfall, colored leaves and chocolate, so beautiful?

I do NOT understand why humans do not self-destruct.  If I believed what my atheist friends believe, I would not be nearly as nice, kind, considerate as they appear to be.

So, my atheist friends, how do you explain the Problem of Pleasure?

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  1. day and night
    man and women

    yin and yang - a symbiotic philosophy

    old wisdom suggests this is how the universe is created and by which everything (with a few exceptions) follows/runs.

    just a candidate to your question.