Sunday, October 6, 2013

A Lesson on Prayer

It can be very stressful here at times.  I have been taught by these circumstances that prayer is essential, moment by moment.  Brenda has also made a big impact on my prayer life by reminding us to pray before we leave on a trip, before anyone else leaves on a trip or before a major event.

Instead of promising to pray for someone, why not just go ahead and pray.  I saw one of my Zimbabwe buddies on the campus main plaza the day of the Zim elections.  I asked him about them, and then right there in th4e midst of the hubbub below, we prayed for the good of Zimbabwe and its people.  He was impacted by this, and I was impacted that his response was so positive.

Whilst the CRU team was here, we had several times to pray together with one person or a small group.  It is important to us to pray this way.  We ought to pray without ceasing, which practically speaking means we are thinking of prayer at every event, every turn, every person.

L^rd teach us to pray.  We cannot pray too much.

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