Monday, October 14, 2013

The honor system?

The Honor System doesn't seem that plausible in this part of the world.  Thefts are so common that people wall in their houses.  Cars are guarded in good parking lots, because it is needed.  You leave nothing of value visible in your car.  Warning abound about not taking chances, being alert, and watching out for your stuff.

Yet, around Gabs people stack up firewood by the road. I am not sure it is the honor system, but it seems close.  In South Africa, near Montagu, the honor system is a reality.  Brenda and I these oranges and just had to stop.  For 10 Rand ($1) we bought a big bag of oranges.  The money was put in a slit in that blue plastic jug, which is chained down, but it still requires some degree of trust.

It was comforting to know that even in "lawless South Africa" there is a vestige of honor. 

The fallen nature of man is undeniable.  We are broken, all of us, and we need a Savior.

There shouldn't be any doubt about that observation.

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