Sunday, October 13, 2013


As we are driving into the valley of Montague South Africa, we are struck by the beauty of the clouds.  The mountains force the wet sea air upwards which causes cooling and the result is the beautiful "orthographic" clouds.

Clouds are pretty simple. Little particles of condensed water vapor collected in sufficient density to be visible.  We don't get too many clouds in Bots, especially now during the dry season.  Maybe that's why we appreciated seeing them this time.

In our culture we seem to value complexity, yet there is much to be said for simplicity.  How about this simple story:

  • Good news- G^d created the world.
  • Bad news- Man fell.
  • Better news- G^d in the form of the Christ comes to rescue man.
  • Worse News- Man crucifies the Christ.
  • Best News- He rises from the dead, defeating death and giving us a way to a relationship with the G^d of the Universe.

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