Friday, October 11, 2013

Can You Hear Me Now?

Communications is tough!  Brenda and I were asked to give a workshop at a Navigator's Conference here in Gabs.  The topic?  Communications.

Why picked me to do this, I have no idea, but I am glad they did.  I have mentioned before that I hear from G^d most clearly when I am preparing to teach.  This was no exception.

The first thing that struck me was that good communications skills was NOT the objective.  As I prayed and prepared it became clear that communications by itself just made you more effective, but effective at what?  If I am a bad husband, and a bad communicator, that could be good.  If I become a good communicator but a bad husband, what good is that?

No, it is clear the goal, my goal whenever I speak, is to help all of us deepen our RELATIONSHIP with G^d.  Communications with G^d is crucial- not just the speaking but the listening, what the late Howard Hendricks called "...the more difficult skill".  So speaking with the L^rd of the Universe, and more importantly hearing from Him is the key goal.  If I do that, then acting as husband or wife is a lot easier.  If I can communicate with G^d then communication with mere mortals is easy.

L^rd help us to LISTEN to you, and to speak with You O L^rd!

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