Thursday, October 10, 2013

One Little Quirk

Last fall one of my friends remarked to me, "You know Phil you got some quirks!"

He would be correct if I were in any other profession, but I am a professor.  Quirks to other folk are just normality to us.  We get paid to be quirky, so it isn't really genuine quirkiness.

I will admit to one little quirk however.  I am particular about my hair.  My dad cut my hair as a professional barber until I went off to the Naval Academy.

I am so particular about my hair that I only use one barber now, ever.  In fact I have to time my haircuts around my travels because I am not going to let some foreigner stranger take a whack at these locks.

Having passed more time in Sweden, and now in Africa than I usually can between haircuts, I decided to fly in my barber.  I know that sounds extravagant, and I guess it is, but like I said, I do have that one quirk.  Besides, I save enough money buying my clothes at Goodwill, and never buying soda pop at restaurants.

I managed to get a photo of my barber, and here she is:

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